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Bedi, S. Co Author Listing * Improvements to the JPEG-LS prediction scheme
* Variation of JPEG-LS to low cost rate control and its application in region-of-interest based coding

Bedini, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Analysis and recognition of highly degraded printed characters
* Bleed-through cancellation in non-rigidly misaligned recto-verso archival manuscripts based on local registration
* Bleed-Through Removal from Degraded Documents Using a Color Decorrelation Method
* Blind Source Separation Techniques for Detecting Hidden Texts and Textures in Document Images
* Character segmentation in highly blurred ancient printed documents
* Deterministic Algorithm for Reconstructing Images with Interacting Discontinuities, A
* Digital image analysis to enhance underwritten text in the Archimedes palimpsest
* Fast correction of bleed-through distortion in grayscale documents by a blind source separation technique
* Fast Fully Data-Driven Image Restoration by means of Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Fast MCMC separation for MRF modelled astrophysical components
* GNC Algorithm for Constrained Image-Reconstruction with Continuous-Valued Line Processes, A
* Image Restoration Preserving Discontinuities: The Bayesian Approach and Neural Networks
* Independent component analysis for document restoration
* Integrated System for the Analysis and the Recognition of Characters in Ancient Documents, An
* Markov Model for Blind Image Separation by a Mean-Field EM Algorithm, A
* Monte Carlo Markov chain techniques for unsupervised MRF-based image denoising
* Neural network use in maximum entropy image restoration
* Preconditioned edge-preserving image deblurring and denoising
* Sigmoidal Approximations for Self-Interactive Line Processes in Edge-Preserving Image Restoration
* Unsupervised edge-preserving image restoration via a saddle point approximation
Includes: Bedini, L.[Luigi] Bedini, L.
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Bediroglu, G. Co Author Listing * Cloud GIS Based Watershed Management

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