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Benbarka, N.[Nuri] Co Author Listing * FourierMask: Instance Segmentation Using Fourier Mapping in Implicit Neural Networks
* FourierNet: Compact Mask Representation for Instance Segmentation Using Differentiable Shape Decoders
* Object Detection and Autoencoder-Based 6d Pose Estimation for Highly Cluttered Bin Picking
* Seeing Implicit Neural Representations as Fourier Series
* Wavelength-aware 2D Convolutions for Hyperspectral Imaging

Benbelkacem, S. Co Author Listing * Design and evaluation of a low-cost 3D interaction technique for wearable and handled AR devices

Benbenisti, Y. Co Author Listing * New Simple 3-Layer Neural Network for Image Compression
* Normalization schemes in a neural network image compression algorithm
Includes: Benbenisti, Y. Benbenisti, Y.[Yaniv]

Benbihi, A. Co Author Listing * ELF: Embedded Localisation of Features in Pre-Trained CNN
* Gaussian Latent Representations for Uncertainty Estimation using Mahalanobis Distance in Deep Classifiers
* Object-Guided Day-Night Visual localization in Urban Scenes
Includes: Benbihi, A. Benbihi, A.[Assia]

Benblidia, N.[Nadjia] Co Author Listing * Event recognition in photo albums using probabilistic graphical model and feature relevance
* Event recognition in photo albums using probabilistic graphical models and feature relevance
* Multi-graph Based Salient Object Detection
* Multi-scale salient object detection using graph ranking and global-local saliency refinement
* Use of Topographic Information to Improve a Land Cover Classification Image: Preliminary Results
Includes: Benblidia, N.[Nadjia] Benblidia, N.

Benboudjema, D.[Dalila] Co Author Listing * Multisensor triplet Markov fields and theory of evidence
* Segmenting Non Stationary Images with Triplet Markov Fields
* Unsupervised image segmentation using triplet Markov fields
* Unsupervised Statistical Segmentation of Nonstationary Images Using Triplet Markov Fields
Includes: Benboudjema, D.[Dalila] Benboudjema, D.

Benbouziane, A.[Abdelmajid] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Algorithms for Automatic Lithological Mapping Using Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study from Souk Arbaa Sahel, Sidi Ifni Inlier, Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Benbrahim, H.O. Co Author Listing * Quantification of soil moisture variability over agriculture fields using Sentinel imagery

Benbrahim, M. Co Author Listing * Array antenna characteristics enhancement for electronic scanning radar application: Parasitic patches and multi layer techniques

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