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Beumer, G.M. Co Author Listing * Effect of Image Resolution on the Performance of a Face Recognition System, The
* Landmark Paper in Face Recognition, A

Beumier, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Analysis of 3D Reconstruction Error in the Context of Computational Stereo in Remote Sensing
* Automatic 3D face authentication
* Automatic Face Authentication from 3d surface
* BIOMET: A Multimodal Person Authentication Database Including Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Hand and Signature Modalities
* Building Change Detection from Uniform Regions
* Building Verification from Disparity of Contour Points
* Camera motion compensation from T-junctions in distance map skeleton
* Face verification from 3D and grey level clues
* Performance Evaluation of Road and Building Classifiers on VHR Images
* SIC DB: multi-modal database for person authentication
* Speed Estimation Thanks to Two Images from One Stationary Camera
Includes: Beumier, C.[Charles] Beumier, C.
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