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Bicego, M.[Manuele] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bicego, M.[Manuele]:
* 2D Shape Classification Using Multifractional Brownian Motion
* 2D shape recognition by hidden Markov models
* 2D shape recognition using biological sequence alignment tools
* 2D Shape Recognition Using Information Theoretic Kernels
* 2D Shapes Classification Using BLAST
* 3D Face Recognition Using Joint Differential Invariants
* Audio-Video Integration for Background Modelling
* Audio-Visual Event Recognition in Surveillance Video Sequences
* Audio-Visual Foreground Extraction for Event Characterization
* Automatic Classification of Volcanic Earthquakes in HMM-Induced Vector Spaces
* Automatic road extraction from aerial images by probabilistic contour tracking
* Automatic Updating of Urban Vector Maps
* Behavioural Biometrics Using Electricity Load Profiles
* biclustering approach based on factor graphs and the max-sum algorithm, A
* Biclustering of Expression Microarray Data with Topic Models
* Biclustering with dominant sets
* Binary Factor Graph Model for Biclustering, A
* bioinformatics approach to 2D shape classification, A
* Bioinformatics Approach to 3D Shape Matching, A
* cheaper Rectified-Nearest-Feature-Line-Segment classifier based on safe points, A
* Classification of Seismic Volcanic Signals Using Hidden-Markov-Model-Based Generative Embeddings
* Clustering via binary embedding
* Clustering-Based Construction of Hidden Markov Models for Generative Kernels
* Combining free energy score spaces with information theoretic kernels: Application to scene classification
* Comparison between Time-Frequency and Cepstral Feature Representations for the Classification of Seismic-Volcanic Signals, A
* Component-Based Discriminative Classification for Hidden Markov Models
* Designing the Minimal Structure of Hidden Markov Model by Bisimulation
* Detecting outliers from pairwise proximities: Proximity isolation forests
* DisRFC: a dissimilarity-based Random Forest Clustering approach
* Dissimilarity-based detection of schizophrenia
* dissimilarity-based multiple instance learning approach for protein remote homology detection, A
* Distance Measures for Gabor Jets-Based Face Authentication: A Comparative Evaluation
* Distance-Based Random Forest Clustering with Missing Data
* Dominant Set Biclustering
* Dynamic face recognition: From human to machine vision
* Enhanced anomaly scores for isolation forests
* Enriched Bag of Words for Protein Remote Homology Detection
* Expression Microarray Data Classification Using Counting Grids and Fisher Kernel
* Face Authentication Using One-Class Support Vector Machines
* Feature Level Fusion of Face and Fingerprint Biometrics
* Feature Selection Using Counting Grids: Application to Microarray Data
* Generalization in Holistic versus Analytic Processing of Faces
* Generalized Gaussian distributions for sequential data classification
* Hidden Markov Model approach for appearance-based 3D object recognition, A
* Hidden Markov Model Approach to Classify and Predict the Sign of Financial Local Trends, A
* Integrated region- and pixel-based approach to background modelling
* Investigating Hidden Markov Models Capabilities in 2D Shape Classification
* Measuring changes in face appearance through aging
* Metric Learning in Dissimilarity Space for Improved Nearest Neighbor Performance
* Mining NMR Spectroscopy Using Topic Models
* Multimodal Schizophrenia Detection by Multiclassification Analysis
* Multiple Structure Recovery via Probabilistic Biclustering
* Non-linear generative embeddings for kernels on latent variable models
* Nonlinear Mappings for Generative Kernels on Latent Variable Models
* Novel Anomaly Score for Isolation Forests, A
* On Finding Differences Between Faces
* On learning Random Forests for Random Forest-clustering
* On the distinctiveness of the electricity load profile
* On the importance of local and global analysis in the judgment of similarity and dissimilarity of faces
* On the Quantitative Estimation of Short-Term Aging in Human Faces
* On the Use of SIFT Features for Face Authentication
* On-line adaptive background modelling for audio surveillance
* Online subjective feature selection for occlusion management in tracking applications
* Person Authentication from Video of Faces: A Behavioral and Physiological Approach Using Pseudo Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models
* PowerHC: non linear normalization of distances for advanced nearest neighbor classification
* Protein Remote Homology Detection Using Dissimilarity-Based Multiple Instance Learning
* Proximity Isolation Forests
* Recognition of Human Faces: From Biological to Artificial Vision
* Recognizing People's Faces: from Human to Machine Vision
* Region-Based Correspondence Between 3D Shapes via Spatially Smooth Biclustering
* Relation, Transition and Comparison Between the Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Rule and the Hypersphere Classifier
* S-BLOSUM: Classification of 2D Shapes with Biological Sequence Alignment
* sequential pruning strategy for the selection of the number of states in hidden Markov models, A
* Similarity-Based Classification of Sequences Using Hidden Markov Models
* Similarity-based pattern recognition
* Soft clustering using weighted one-class support vector machines
* Sparseness Achievement in Hidden Markov Models
* Spike and slab biclustering
* Statistical classification of raw textile defects
* Unsupervised Parameter Estimation of Non Linear Scaling for Improved Classification in the Dissimilarity Space
* Unsupervised scene analysis: A hidden Markov model approach
* Using hidden Markov models and wavelets for face recognition
* Using Random Forest Distances for Outlier Detection
* Volcano-Seismic Events Classification Using Document Classification Strategies
* Weighted K-Nearest Neighbor revisited
Includes: Bicego, M.[Manuele] Bicego, M.
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