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Biri, V.[Venceslas] Co Author Listing * 3D Curvilinear Skeletonization Algorithm with Application to Path Tracing, A
* Autonomous Lighting Agents in Photon Mapping
* Homeomorphic Alignment of Edge-Weighted Trees
* Homeomorphic alignment of weighted trees
* Portal Extraction Based on an Opening Labeling for Ray Tracing
Includes: Biri, V.[Venceslas] Biri, V.

Birigazzi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Predictive Power of Democratic Republic of Congo's National Spaceborne Biomass Map over Independent Test Samples

Birinci, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Neighborhood Matching for Image Retrieval
* Perceptual color descriptor based on spatial distribution: A top-down approach
* perceptual scheme for fully automatic video shot boundary detection, A

Birinyi, E.[Edina] Co Author Listing * Critical Climate Periods Explain a Large Fraction of the Observed Variability in Vegetation State

Biris, O.[Octavian] Co Author Listing * Compression of Probabilistic Volumetric Models using multi-resolution scene flow
* Dynamic Probabilistic Volumetric Models

Biritwum, N.K. Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Environmental Characteristics With Social And Behavioral Conditions That Affect Surface Water Use In Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana
* Linking Satellite Remote Sensing Based Environmental Predictors To Disease: An Application To The Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana

Biriukov, S.A. Co Author Listing * Spurious states detection and basin describing in feedforward neural networks

Biriukova, K.[Khelvi] Co Author Listing * Adjusting solar-induced fluorescence to nadir-viewing provides a better proxy for GPP
* Multi-Scale Evaluation of Drone-Based Multispectral Surface Reflectance and Vegetation Indices in Operational Conditions

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