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Bozkaya, E.[Elif] Co Author Listing * Transportation and Location Planning During Epidemics/Pandemics: Emerging Problems and Solution Approaches

Bozkurt, A. Co Author Listing * Biobotic Distributed Sensor Network for Under-Rubble Search and Rescue, A
* Classifying fonts and calligraphy styles using complex wavelet transform
* Delineation of Skin Strata in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images with Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Multi-scale directional-filtering-based method for follicular lymphoma grading
* Toward Cyber-Enhanced Working Dogs for Search and Rescue
Includes: Bozkurt, A. Bozkurt, A.[Alican]

Bozkurt, E.[Elif] Co Author Listing * BEAT: A Large-Scale Semantic and Emotional Multi-modal Dataset for Conversational Gestures Synthesis
* Comparison of Phoneme and Viseme Based Acoustic Units for Speech Driven Realistic lip Animation
* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Implementation of Team Mekar at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Speech-Driven Automatic Facial Expression Synthesis
* Use of Line Spectral Frequencies for Emotion Recognition from Speech
Includes: Bozkurt, E.[Elif] Bozkurt, E.

Bozkurt, G. Co Author Listing * QR-RLS algorithm for error diffusion of color images

Bozkurt, M.R. Co Author Listing * Towards Webcam-based Face Direction Tracking To Detect Learners' Attention Within Asynchronous E-learning Environment

Bozkurt, O.D.[Oyku Deniz] Co Author Listing * Synthetic Generation of Face Videos with Plethysmograph Physiology

Bozkurt, S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Open Source Compression Algorithms on VHR Remote Sensing Images For Efficient Storage Hierarchy

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