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Buri, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Anisotropy Parameterization Development and Evaluation for Glacier Surface Albedo Retrieval from Satellite Observations
* Multi-Source Hydrological Data Products to Monitor High Asian River Basins and Regional Water Security

Burian, J. Co Author Listing * Advanced Extraction Of Spatial Information From High Resolution Satellite Data
* Evaluation of the Cartographical Quality of Urban Plans by Eye-Tracking
* Fast-Tracking Application for Traffic Signs Recognition
* Implementation of GIS Tools in the Quality of Life Assessment of Czech Municipalities
* Sustainable Spatial and Temporal Development of Land Prices: A Case Study of Czech Cities
Includes: Burian, J. Burian, J.[Jaroslav]

Burian, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Fast image recognition based on n-tuple neural networks implemented in an FPGA

Burian, S.J.[Steven J.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Variability of Lake Water Quality in the Context of Remote Sensing Models

Burian, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Mapping Creative Industries: A Case Study on Supporting Geographical Information Systems in the Olomouc Region, Czech Republic

Burianek, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Colorization of black-and-white cartoons
* Object Recognition using the Invariant Pixel-Set Signature
* Video Codec for Classical Cartoon Animations with Hardware Accelerated Playback
Includes: Burianek, J.[Jan] Buriánek, J.[Jan] Burianek, J.

Buric, M. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence Fights Crime and Terrorism at a New Level

Burie, J. Co Author Listing * FaceLiveNet: End-to-End Networks Combining Face Verification with Interactive Facial Expression-Based Liveness Detection

Burie, J.C.[Jean Christophe] Co Author Listing * Active Contour Model for Speech Balloon Detection in Comics, An
* character degradation model for color document images, A
* Choice of a pertinent color space for color texture characterization using parametric spectral analysis
* Color spectral analysis for spatial structure characterization of textures in IHLS color space
* Colour Document Interpretation: Application to Ancient Cadastral Maps, A
* colour text/graphics separation based on a graph representation, A
* Comic MTL: optimized multi-task learning for comic book image analysis
* Comic Retrieval System Based on Multilayer Graph Representation and Graph Mining, A
* Content-based comic retrieval using multilayer graph representation and frequent graph mining
* Document Images Watermarking for Security Issue using Fully Convolutional Networks
* eBDtheque: A Representative Database of Comics
* effective method for text line segmentation in historical document images, An
* Enhanced Object Tracking in Real-Time Environment Using Dual Camera
* Fast parallel blur detection on GPU
* graph matching method and a graph matching distance based on subgraph assignments, A
* ICDAR2015 competition on smartphone document capture and OCR (SmartDoc)
* initial study on the construction of ground truth binarized images of ancient palm leaf manuscripts, An
* Knowledge-driven understanding of images in comic books
* local evaluation of vectorized documents by means of polygon assignments and matching, A
* Multi-task Model for Comic Book Image Analysis
* Multiresolution approach based on adaptive superpixels for administrative documents segmentation into color layers
* Parametric models of linear prediction error distribution for color texture and satellite image segmentation
* robust watermarking approach for security issue of binary documents using fully convolutional networks, A
* Segmentation system and its evaluation for gray scale coin documents
* Simple Triplet Loss Based on Intra/Inter-Class Metric Learning for Face Verification
* Specific Comic Character Detection Using Local Feature Matching
* Speech balloon and speaker association for comics and manga understanding
* Structured representations in a content based image retrieval context
* Study on feature extraction methods for character recognition of Balinese script on palm leaf manuscript images
* Subgraph spotting in graph representations of comic book images
* Text Block Segmentation in Comic Speech Bubbles
* Vitranspad: Video Transformer Using Convolution And Self-Attention For Face Presentation Attack Detection
Includes: Burie, J.C.[Jean Christophe] Burie, J.C.[Jean-Christophe] Burie, J.C.
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Burigat, S. Co Author Listing * Mobile Three-Dimensional Maps for Wayfinding in Large and Complex Buildings: Empirical Comparison of First-Person Versus Third-Person Perspective

Burini, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products

Burini, N.[Nino] Co Author Listing * Artifact reduction of compressed images and video combining adaptive fuzzy filtering and directional anisotropic diffusion
* Enhancing perceived quality of compressed images and video with anisotropic diffusion and fuzzy filtering
* Image dependent energy-constrained local backlight dimming
* Modeling the color image and video quality on liquid crystal displays with backlight dimming
Includes: Burini, N.[Nino] Burini, N.

Buriro, A.[Attaullah] Co Author Listing * Touchstroke: Smartphone User Authentication Based on Touch-Typing Biometrics

Buris, L.H.[Luiz H.] Co Author Listing * Mixup-Based Deep Metric Learning Approaches for Incomplete Supervision

Buris, N.E.[Nicholas E.] Co Author Listing * 3D Grid Transformation Network for Point Cloud Completion

Burisch, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Stripe Propagation for Color Encoded Structured Light

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