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Buyukatalay, S.[Soner] Co Author Listing * Surface reconstruction from multiple images filtering non-Lambert regions

Buyukborekci, E.[Efe] Co Author Listing * DroBoost: An Intelligent Score and Model Boosting Method for Drone Detection
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021

Buyukdemircioglu, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Roof Type Classification Using Very High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Geovisualization of Aerial Photogrammetric Flights for Data Quality Assessment
* Reconstruction and Efficient Visualization of Heterogeneous 3D City Models
* Semi-Automatic 3D City Model Generation from Large-Format Aerial Images
Includes: Buyukdemircioglu, M. Buyukdemircioglu, M.[Mehmet]

Buyukkaya, E.[Eliya] Co Author Listing * Peer-to-Peer Visualization of Very Large 3D Landscape and City Models Using MPEG-4

Buyukozturk, O.[Oral] Co Author Listing * Conditional classifiers and boosted conditional Gaussian mixture model for novelty detection
* Eulerian Video Magnification and Analysis
* Visual Vibrometry: Estimating Material Properties from Small Motions in Video
Includes: Buyukozturk, O.[Oral] Büyüköztürk, O.[Oral] (Maybe also Bueyuekoeztuerk, O.)

Buyuksalih, G.[Gurcan] Co Author Listing * 3D building reconstruction based on given ground plan information and surface models extracted from spaceborne imagery
* 3D City Modelling for Planning Activities, Case Study: Haydarpasa Train Station, Haydarpasa Port and Surrounding Backside Zones, Istanbul
* 3d Geospatial Database Schema for Istanbul 3d City Model
* Analysis of Height Models Based On Kompsat-3 Images
* Benchmarking and quality analysis of DEM generated from high and very high resolution optical stereo satellite data
* Calculating Solar Energy Potential of Buildings And Visualization Within Unity 3D Game Engine
* DEM Generation with Worldview-2 Images
* Documentation of Istanbul Historic Peninsula by Static and Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* DSM Generation with High Resolution Space Imagery over Mountainous Forest Area
* Forest Stem Volume Calculation Using Airborne Lidar Data
* Geometric Accuracy Analysis of WorldDEM in Relation to AW3D30, SRTM and Aster GDEM2
* Geometric Accuracy Evaluation of the DEM Generated by the Russian TK-350 Stereo Scenes Using the SRTM X- and C- band Interferometric DEMs
* Geometric and Mapping Potential of WORLDVIEW-1 Images
* Importance of Digital Methods in Preservation of Cultural Heritage The Example of Zirnikli Mansion, The
* Rapid 3D Digitalization of the Cultural Heritage: A Case Study On Istanbul Suleymaniye Social Complex (Kulliye)
* Selimiye Mosque of Edirne, Turkey: An Immersive And Interactive Virtual Reality Experience Using Htc Vive, The
* Semi-Automated Approach for Mapping Urban Trees from Integrated Aerial Lidar Point Cloud and Digital Imagery Datasets
* Semi-automatic City Model Extraction from Tri-stereoscopic VHR Satellite Imagery
* Virtualising An Ottoman Fortress: Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling For The Development of An Interactive, Immersive Virtual Reality Application
Includes: Buyuksalih, G.[Gurcan] Büyüksalih, G. (Maybe also Bueyueksalih, G.)Buyuksalih, G.
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Buyuksalih, I. Co Author Listing * Exploring the Processes of Generating LOD (0-2) CITYGML Models in Greater Municipality of Istanbul
* Forest Stem Volume Calculation Using Airborne Lidar Data
Includes: Buyuksalih, I. Büyüksalih, I. (Maybe also Bueyueksalih, I.)

Buyuktoka, R.E.[Rasit Eren] Co Author Listing * DeepChestNet: Artificial intelligence approach for COVID-19 detection on computed tomography images
Includes: Buyuktoka, R.E.[Rasit Eren] Büyüktoka, R.E.[Rasit Eren] (Maybe also Bueyuektoka, R.E.)

Buyukyazi, T. Co Author Listing * Novel Mosaic Quality Measurement Method for UAV Surveillance and Remote Sensing, A

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