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Cerqueira Silva, J.C.[Julius Cesar] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing to Detect Nests of the Leaf-Cutting Ant Atta sexdens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Teak Plantations
Includes: Cerqueira Silva, J.C.[Julius Cesar] Cerqueira Silva, J.C.[Július César]

Cerqueira, A.S.[Augusto S.] Co Author Listing * Identification of Low Impedance Points Along Railway Tracks From a Railroad Inspection Vehicle

Cerqueira, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Vehicular Networks: A New Challenge for Content-Delivery-Based Applications

Cerqueira, V. Co Author Listing * On Evaluating Floating Car Data Quality for Knowledge Discovery

Cerquera, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Self-organizing Maps for Motor Tasks Recognition from Electrical Brain Signals

Cerquides, J. Co Author Listing * Computational Approach to Quantify the Benefits of Ridesharing for Policy Makers and Travellers, A
* Tweet-SCAN: An event discovery technique for geo-located tweets
Includes: Cerquides, J. Cerquides, J.[Jesús]

Cerquitelli, T.[Tania] Co Author Listing * Movie Lens: Discovering and Characterizing Editing Patterns in the Analysis of Short Movie Sequences

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