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Coggan, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Application of Remote Sensing Data for Evaluation of Rockfall Potential within a Quarry Slope
* Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data and Discrete Fracture Network Models for Improved Rockfall Simulations
* Bringing Lunar LiDAR Back Down to Earth: Mapping Our Industrial Heritage through Deep Transfer Learning
* Maximizing Impacts of Remote Sensing Surveys in Slope Stability: A Novel Method to Incorporate Discontinuities into Machine Learning Landslide Prediction
* Modelling the Influence of Geological Structures in Paleo Rock Avalanche Failures Using Field and Remote Sensing Data
* Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Large Rock Avalanches Combining Remote Sensing, GIS and Field Surveys: The Case of the Scanno Landslide, Italy, A
* Using Deep Learning and Hough Transformations to Infer Mineralised Veins From Lidar Data Over Historic Mining Areas
Includes: Coggan, J.[John] Coggan, J.
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Coggins, J.M. Co Author Listing * Measuring image structures using a multiscale orientation field
* Object Shape Before Boundary Shape: Scale-Space Medial Axes
* Spatial Filtering Approach to Texture Analysis, A

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