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Cukur, T. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Phase-Cycled SSFP Imaging With Compressed Sensing
* Constrained Ellipse Fitting for Efficient Parameter Mapping With Phase-Cycled bSSFP MRI
* Fast System Calibration With Coded Calibration Scenes for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Image Synthesis in Multi-Contrast MRI With Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Learning-Based Compressive MRI
* Projection onto Epigraph Sets for Rapid Self-Tuning Compressed Sensing MRI
* ResViT: Residual Vision Transformers for Multimodal Medical Image Synthesis
* Semi-Supervised Learning of MRI Synthesis Without Fully-Sampled Ground Truths
* Signal Compensation and Compressed Sensing for Magnetization-Prepared MR Angiography
* Statistically Segregated k-Space Sampling for Accelerating Multiple-Acquisition MRI
* TranSMS: Transformers for Super-Resolution Calibration in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Unsupervised MRI Reconstruction via Zero-Shot Learned Adversarial Transformers
* Variable-Density Parallel Imaging With Partially Localized Coil Sensitivities
Includes: Cukur, T. Çukur, T.[Tolga] Çukur, T.
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