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da la Puente, P.[Paloma] Co Author Listing * Learning and Detecting Objects with a Mobile Robot to Assist Older Adults in Their Homes

da Lio, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Combining L- and X-Band SAR Interferometry to Assess Ground Displacements in Heterogeneous Coastal Environments: The Po River Delta and Venice Lagoon, Italy
* Land Subsidence in Coastal Environments: Knowledge Advance in the Venice Coastland by TerraSAR-X PSI

da Lio, M. Co Author Listing * Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
* Biologically Guided Driver Modeling: the Stop Behavior of Human Car Drivers
* Cooperative Intersection Support System Based on Mirroring Mechanisms Enacted by Bio-Inspired Layered Control Architecture
* Garment-based motion capture (GaMoCap): High-density capture of human shape in motion
* Guest Editorial Special Section on ITS and Road Safety
* Holistic Approach to the Integration of Safety Applications: The INSAFES Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT, A
* Occupancy Grid Mapping with Cognitive Plausibility for Autonomous Driving Applications
* On Curve Negotiation: From Driver Support to Automation
* Reinforcement Learning Approach for Enacting Cautious Behaviours in Autonomous Driving System: Safe Speed Choice in the Interaction With Distracted Pedestrians, A
* Situation-Adaptive Lane-Keeping Support System: Overview of the SAFELANE Approach, A
* Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed and Safe Distance: The SASPENCE Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT
* Variational Autoencoder Inspired by Brain's Convergence-Divergence Zones for Autonomous Driving Application
Includes: da Lio, M. da Lio, M.[Mauro]
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da Luz, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * VSUMM: A mechanism designed to produce static video summaries and a novel evaluation method
* VSUMM: A simple and efficient approach for automatic video summarization
Includes: da Luz, A.[Antonio] da Luz Jr., A.[Antonio]

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