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Diop, E.S.[El_Hadji S.] Co Author Listing * Extension of Mathematical Morphology in Riemannian Spaces
* Higher order Teager-Kaiser operators for image analysis: PART II: A multicomponent image demodulation
* Image contrast enhancement based on 2D Teager-Kaiser operator
* Inhomogeneous morphological PDEs for robust and adaptive image shock filters
* Intrinsic nonlinear multiscale image decomposition: A 2D empirical mode decomposition-like tool
* joint 2D AM-FM estimation based on higher order Teager-Kaiser energy operators, A
* Levellings based on spatially adaptive scale spaces using local image features
* PDE model for 2D intrinsic mode functions, A
* Spatially adaptive PDEs for robust image sharpening
* Two-Dimensional Curvature-Based Analysis of Intrinsic Mode Functions
Includes: Diop, E.S.[El_Hadji S.] Diop, E.S.[El_Hadji Samba]
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Diop, I. Co Author Listing * Multiple linear regression for universal steganalysis of images

Diop, L.[Lamine] Co Author Listing * Combining Multi-Sensor Satellite Imagery to Improve Long-Term Monitoring of Temporary Surface Water Bodies in the Senegal River Floodplain

Diop, M. Co Author Listing * methodology for prior management of temporal data quality in a data mining process, A
* Powered Two-Wheelers Right-Hand Curve Negotiation Study Using Segmentation and Data Mining Approaches
Includes: Diop, M. Diop, M.[Mohamed]

Diop, M.B.[Mouhamadou Bamba] Co Author Listing * Do Agrometeorological Data Improve Optical Satellite-Based Estimations of the Herbaceous Yield in Sahelian Semi-Arid Ecosystems?

Diop, O. Co Author Listing * Coastline Detection Using Fusion of Over Segmentation And Distance Regularization Level Set Evolution
* Shoreline Detection using Optical Remote Sensing: A Review
Includes: Diop, O. Diop, O.[Oumar]

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