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Dirks, H.[Hendrik] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Regularization in Convex Composite Optimization for Variational Imaging Problems
* Evaluating Different Water-land-boundary Approximations to Improve SAR-derived Digital Elevation Models
* Multiframe Motion Coupling for Video Super Resolution
* Variational Model for Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction, A
Includes: Dirks, H.[Hendrik] Dirks, H.

Dirks, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Sampling Effects on Various Satellite-Derived Integrated Water Vapor Datasets Using GPS Measurements in Germany as Reference

Dirksen, A. Co Author Listing * Geodesic Atlas-Based Labeling of Anatomical Trees: Application and Evaluation on Airways Extracted From CT

Dirkx, D.[Dominic] Co Author Listing * Cold Atom Interferometry for Enhancing the Radio Science Gravity Experiment: A Phobos Case Study
* Influence of Dynamic Solar Oblateness on Tracking Data Analysis from Past and Future Mercury Missions, The

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