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Dorsaz, L. Co Author Listing * effect of image distortion on 3-D reconstruction of coronary bypass grafts from angiographic views, The

Dorsaz, P.A. Co Author Listing * effect of image distortion on 3-D reconstruction of coronary bypass grafts from angiographic views, The

Dorsch, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Application of multi-temporal high-resolution imagery and GPS in a study of the motion of a canyon rim landslide

Dorschlag, D. Co Author Listing * Sementically Enhanced Prototypes for Building Reconstruction
Includes: Dorschlag, D. Dörschlag, D. (Maybe also Doerschlag, D.)

Dorsey, D.J. Co Author Listing * Modular NMF Matching Algorithm for Radiation Spectra, A

Dorsey, E.R. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Attention and Magnification for Classification of Parkinson's Disease from Videos Collected via the Internet

Dorsey, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * AniCode: authoring coded artifacts for network-free personalized animations
* Fast bilateral filtering for the display of high-dynamic-range images
* Image Guided Geometry Inference
* integrated image and sketching environment for archaeological sites, An
* System for Reconstructing Integrated Texture Maps for Large Structures, A
Includes: Dorsey, J.[Julie] Dorsey, J.

Dorshow, W.[Wetherbee] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Integrated with the Unmanned Surface Vessel Mapping the Southern Ionian Sea. The Winning Technology Solution of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, The

Dorst, L. Co Author Listing * Best Linear Unbiased Estimators for Properties of Digitized Straight Lines
* Discrete Representation of Straight Lines
* Dynamic Multiresolution Optical Flow Computation
* First Order Error Propagation of the Procrustes Method for 3D Attitude Estimation
* Geometry Based Faceting of 3D Digitized Archaeological Fragments
* Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice
* Length Estimators for Digitized Contours
* Manifold Statistics for Essential Matrices
* Morphological Signal Processing and the Slope Transform
* Pairwise Alignment of Archaeological Fragments Through Morphological Characterization of Fracture Surfaces
* Pseudo-Euclidean Skeletons
* Spirograph Theory: A Framework for Calculations on Digitized Straight Lines
* Support Cone: A Representational Tool for the Analysis of Boundaries and Their Interactions, The
* Total Least Squares Fitting of k-Spheres in n-D Euclidean Space Using an (n+2)-D Isometric Representation
Includes: Dorst, L. Dorst, L.[Leo]
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