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Doute, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Exploration of Planetary Hyperspectral Images with Unsupervised Spectral Unmixing: A Case Study of Planet Mars
* Fusion of photogrammetric and photoclinometric information for high-resolution DEMs from Mars in-orbit imagery
* Intercomparison and Validation of Techniques for Spectral Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: A Planetary Case Study
* Resolving Ambiguities in SHARAD Data Analysis Using High-Resolution Digital Terrain Models
* Small-Scale Topographical Characterization of the Martian Surface With In-Orbit Imagery
* Spectral Smile Correction of CRISM/MRO Hyperspectral Images
* Ultra-High-Resolution 1 m/pixel CaSSIS DTM Using Super-Resolution Restoration and Shape-from-Shading: Demonstration over Oxia Planum on Mars
* Unsupervised endmember extraction: Application to hyperspectral images from Mars
Includes: Doute, S.[Sylvain] Douté, S.[Sylvain] Doute, S. Douté, S.
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Douterloigne, K.[Koen] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of a one dimensional ranging pole for robust external camera calibration in mobile mapping
* Correction, Stitching and Blur Estimation of Micro-graphs Obtained at High Speed
* Dynamic subsampling for image registration speedup using the mutual information variance estimate
* Fast External Force Field for Parametric Active Contour Segmentation, A
* Speeding Up Structure from Motion on Large Scenes Using Parallelizable Partitions

Doutre, C. Co Author Listing * Color Correction Preprocessing for Multiview Video Coding
* Fast vignetting correction and color matching for panoramic image stitching
* H.264-Based Compression of Bayer Pattern Video Sequences
* improved Bayesian algorithm for color image desaturation, An
* Modified H.264 intra prediction for compression of video and images captured with a color filter array
* Optimized contrast reduction for crosstalk cancellation in 3D displays
* stereo matching data cost robust to blurring, A
Includes: Doutre, C. Doutre, C.[Colin]
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Doutre, W.[Will] Co Author Listing * REVEAL intermediate report

Doutriaux Boucher, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks to Retrieve Land and Sea Skin Temperature from IASI
* Assessment of the EUMETSAT Multi Decadal Land Surface Albedo Data Record from Meteosat Observations
* Ten-Year Assessment of IASI Radiance and Temperature
Includes: Doutriaux Boucher, M.[Marie] Doutriaux-Boucher, M.[Marie]

Doutriaux, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data

Doutsi, E. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Image Quantization Using Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
* Neuro-Inspired Quantization
* Retina-Inspired Encoder: An Innovative Step on Image Coding Using Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neurons, A
* Retina-Inspired Filter
* Retina-Inspired Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Dynamic Video Coding
* Retinal-inspired filtering for dynamic image coding
Includes: Doutsi, E. Doutsi, E.[Effrosyni]

Doutsu, M. Co Author Listing * Updates of aw3d30 Alos Global Digital Surface Model In Antarctica With Other Open Access Datasets
* Updates of AW3D30 ALOS Global Digital Surface Model with Other Open Access Datasets

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