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Eledath, J.[Jayan] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D change detection for glaucoma diagnosis
* Collision Sensing by Stereo Vision and Radar Sensor Fusion
* De-correlating CNN Features for Generative Classification
* Efficient Video Instance Segmentation via Tracklet Query and Proposal
* Egomotion Estimation in Monocular Infra-red Image Sequence for Night Vision Applications
* Energy-Based Learning for Scene Graph Generation
* Image Alignment for Precise Camera Fixation and Aim
* Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
* MILA: Multi-Task Learning from Videos via Efficient Inter-Frame Attention
* Multisensor Integration for Scene Classification: an Experiment in Human Form Detection
* Pedestrian association and localization in monocular FIR video sequence
* Pedestrian detection with depth-guided structure labeling
* Quantitative comparison of metrics for change detection in video patrolling applications
* Real-time Fixation, Mosaic Construction, and Moving Object Detection from a Moving Camera
* Real-time vehicle detection for highway driving
* TesseTrack: End-to-End Learnable Multi-Person Articulated 3D Pose Tracking
Includes: Eledath, J.[Jayan] Eledath, J.[Jayakrishnan] Eledath, J.
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