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Ennaciri, A. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Streaming Video over Vehicular Ad-Hoc

Ennadifi, E. Co Author Listing * Wheat Diseases Classification and Localization Using Convolutional Neural Networks and GradCAM Visualization

Ennaffi, O.[Oussama] Co Author Listing * On the Design of Privacy-aware Cameras: A Study on Deep Neural Networks

Ennafii, O. Co Author Listing * Efficient Representation of 3d Buildings: Application to The Evaluation of City Models, An

Ennafiri, M. Co Author Listing * Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare: A Review on A Potential Iot Based System and Technologies to Control Covid-19 Pandemic

Ennahnahi, N. Co Author Listing * Fast shape description based on a set of moments defined on the unit disc and inspired by three-dimensional spherical harmonics
* novel moments generation inspired by 3D spherical harmonics for robust 2D shape description, A
* Quaternion DISC-harmonic moments based on healpix sampling for fast 2D colour shape retrieval
Includes: Ennahnahi, N. Ennahnahi, N.[Noureddine]

Ennajari, H.[Hafsa] Co Author Listing * Embedded Spherical Topic Models for Supervised Learning

Ennaji, A.[Abdellatif] Co Author Listing * Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Restored Stroke Chronology
* Clustering Data: Dealing with High Density Variations
* Codebook for Writer Characterization: A Vocabulary of Patterns or a Mere Representation Space?
* Document Image Segmentation System Using Analysis of Connected Components, A
* From data topology to a modular classifier
* Graph Based Approach for Heterogeneous Document Segmentation, A
* Handwriting Based Gender Classification Using Cold and Hinge Features
* HMMs with Explicit State Duration Applied to Handwritten Arabic Word Recognition
* Incremental Distributed Classifier Building
* K Nearest Classifier design, A
* Linguistic integration information in the aabatas arabic text analysis system
* Multi-script Writer Identification Optimized with Retrieval Mechanism
* Multilingual Artificial Text Detection Using a Cascade of Transforms
* Script and nature differentiation for Arabic and Latin text images
* Semantic Proximity Based System of Arabic Text Indexation, A
* Semi-continuous HMMs with explicit state duration for unconstrained Arabic word modeling and recognition
* Spot Words in Printed Historical Arabic Documents
* Temporal Order Recovery of the Scanned Handwriting
* Text-independent writer recognition using multi-script handwritten texts
* topology based multi-classifier system, A
* Writer Recognition on Arabic Handwritten Documents
Includes: Ennaji, A.[Abdellatif] Ennaji, A. Ennaji, A.[Abdel]
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Ennaji, M. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Tutoring: A Multi-tutor Approach

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