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Espona, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Pixel and Subpixel Retinal Vessel Tree Segmentation Using a Deformable Contour Model
* Fast Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Using a Deformable Contour Model
* Retinal vessel tree segmentation using a deformable contour model
* Snake for Retinal Vessel Segmentation, A
Includes: Espona, L. Espona, L.[Lucia]

Esposito, A.[Antonietta] Co Author Listing * 2014 Effusive Eruption at Stromboli: New Insights from In Situ and Remote-Sensing Measurements, The
* Application of Neural and Probabilistic Unsupervised Methods to Environmental Factor Analysis of Multi-spectral Images, An
* Beyond Range: Innovating Fluorescence Microscopy
* Cross-Fertilization between Studies on ICT Practices of Use and Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
* Detection and separation of symbols connected to graphics in line drawings
* EMOTHAW: A Novel Database for Emotional State Recognition From Handwriting and Drawing
* Emotional Features of Interactions with Empathic Agents
* Impairments in decoding facial and vocal emotional expressions in high functioning autistic adults and adolescents
* Knowledge based search of character strings in line drawings
* Needs and challenges in human computer interaction for processing social emotional information
* Seniors' ability to decode differently aged facial emotional expressions
* Significance of Empty Speech Pauses: Cognitive and Algorithmic Issues, The
* Syntactic Doubling: Some Data on Tuscan Italian
* Synthetic vs Human Emotional Faces: What Changes in Humans' Decoding Accuracy
* What an Ehm Leaks About You: Mapping Fillers into Personality Traits with Quantum Evolutionary Feature Selection Algorithms
Includes: Esposito, A.[Antonietta] Esposito, A.[Anna] Esposito, A.
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Esposito, A.M.[Antonietta M.] Co Author Listing * Changes in the Eruptive Style of Stromboli Volcano before the 2019 Paroxysmal Phase Discovered through SOM Clustering of Seismo-Acoustic Features Compared with Camera Images and GBInSAR Data
* Impairments in decoding facial and vocal emotional expressions in high functioning autistic adults and adolescents
* Integration of Ground-Based Remote-Sensing and In Situ Multidisciplinary Monitoring Data to Analyze the Eruptive Activity of Stromboli Volcano in 2017-2018
* Needs and challenges in human computer interaction for processing social emotional information
Includes: Esposito, A.M.[Antonietta M.] Esposito, A.M.

Esposito, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * ASI Integrated Sounder-SAR System Operating in the UHF-VHF Bands: First Results of the 2018 Helicopter-Borne Morocco Desert Campaign, The
* CNN-based anti-spoofing two-tier multi-factor authentication system
* Imaging Multi-Age Construction Settlement Behaviour by Advanced SAR Interferometry
* InSAeS4 Airborne X-Band Interferometric SAR System: A First Assessment on Its Imaging and Topographic Mapping Capabilities, The
* On the Capabilities of the Italian Airborne FMCW AXIS InSAR System
* On the Frequency Sweep Rate Estimation in Airborne FMCW SAR Systems
* Phase Offset Calculation for Airborne InSAR DEM Generation Without Corner Reflectors
* Sea State Observation through a Three-Antenna Hybrid XT/AT InSAR Configuration: A Preliminary Study Based on the InSAeS4 Airborne System
Includes: Esposito, C.[Carmen] Esposito, C.[Christian] Esposito, C.[Carlo] Esposito, C.
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Esposito, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Adaptive machine learning strategies for network calibration of IoT smart air quality monitoring devices

Esposito, F. Co Author Listing * Automated Acquisition of Rules for Document Understanding
* Automated discovery of dependencies between logical components in document image understanding
* Automatic Content-based Indexing of Digital Documents through Intelligent Processing Techniques
* Classification in Noisy Environments Using a Distance Measure Between Structural Symbolic Descriptions
* Comparative-Analysis of Methods for Pruning Decision Trees, A
* Contour-Based Progressive Technique for Shape Recognition, A
* Correcting the document layout: a machine learning approach
* Distance-Based Technique for Non-Manhattan Layout Analysis, A
* Experimental Page Layout Recognition System for Office Document Automatic Classification: An Integrated Approach for Inductive Generalization, An
* Finding Critical Cells in Web Tables with SRL: Trying to Uncover the Devil's Tease
* Flexible Matching for Noisy Structural Descriptions
* Incremental Learning of First Order Logic Theories for the Automatic Annotations of Web Documents
* Incremental machine learning techniques for document layout understanding
* Information Capture and Semantic Indexing of Digital Libraries Through Machine Learning Techniques
* Intelligent document processing
* Knowledge-Based Approach to the Layout Analysis, A
* Machine learning methods for automatically processing historical documents: from paper acquisition to XML transformation
* Multi-relational Learning Approach for Knowledge Extraction in in Vitro Fertilization Domain, A
* New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A
* Top-down induction of model trees with regression and splitting nodes
* Transforming paper documents into XML format with WISDOM++
* UAV-Based High Resolution Thermal Imaging for Vegetation Monitoring, and Plant Phenotyping Using ICI 8640 P, FLIR Vue Pro R 640, and thermoMap Cameras
Includes: Esposito, F. Esposito, F.[Floriana] Esposito, F.[Flavio]
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Esposito, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Nitrogen Dioxide Variability Using Ground-Based and Satellite Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements in the Tiber Valley (Lazio, Italy)
* Kernel alignment for identifying objective criteria from brain MEG recordings in schizophrenia
* Overview on Down-Looking UAV-Based GPR Systems, An
* Small Multicopter-UAV-Based Radar Imaging: Performance Assessment for a Single Flight Track
* Small-UAV Radar Imaging System Performance with GPS and CDGPS Based Motion Compensation
* Wind Direction Data from a Coastal HF Radar System in the Gulf of Naples (Central Mediterranean Sea)
Includes: Esposito, G.[Giulio] Espůsito, G.[Gennaro] Esposito, G.[Giuseppe] Esposito, G.[Giovanni]

Esposito, I. Co Author Listing * Structure-Preserving Color Normalization and Sparse Stain Separation for Histological Images

Esposito, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Reflective Solar Bands

Esposito, L. Co Author Listing * experimental vision tool for real time quality control, An
* Wavelet energy map: A robust support for multi-modal registration of medical images
Includes: Esposito, L. Esposito, L.[Lorena]

Esposito, L.G.[Luca Giangiuseppe] Co Author Listing * Multiple Classifier Approach for Detecting Naked Human Bodies in Images, A

Esposito, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Discovering Leonardo with artificial intelligence and holograms: A user study
* Empty Vehicle Detection with Video Analytics
* Performance Evaluation of Video Analytics for Surveillance On-Board Trains
* Quaternionic Upsampling: Hyperspherical Techniques for 6 DoF Pose Tracking
* Stereo Vision Approach for Cooperative Robotic Movement Therapy, A
* Total Variation Regularization of Pose Signals With an Application to 3D Freehand Ultrasound
Includes: Esposito, M.[Massimo] Esposito, M.[Mariana] Esposito, M.

Esposito, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Solution for Analysis of Out-Of-Plane Movements of a Masonry Structure in a Large-Scale Laboratory Experiment

Esposito, R.D. Co Author Listing * Toward an automated system for the analysis of cytogenetic abnormalities using fluorescence in situ hybridization technique

Esposito, S. Co Author Listing * DEM Generation by Means of ERS Tandem Data
* Experimental Validation of an Active Thermal Landmine Detection Technique
* Free Global DSM Assessment On Large Scale Areas Exploiting The Potentialities of the Innovative Google Earth Engine Platform
* Fully Automatic Point Cloud Analysis for Powerline Corridor Mapping
* Preliminary Archeological Site Survey by UAV-Borne Lidar: A Case Study
* UAS for Archaeology: New Perspectives on Aerial Documentation
Includes: Esposito, S. Esposito, S.[Salvatore]

Esposito, Y. Co Author Listing * Links between probabilistic automata and hidden Markov models: probability distributions, learning models and induction algorithms

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