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Espuny, F.[Ferran] Co Author Listing * Camera Self-calibration with Parallel Screw Axis Motion by Intersecting Imaged Horopters
* Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Real Rotational Flows
* Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Rotational Flows
* New A Contrario Approach for the Robust Determination of the Fundamental Matrix, A
* New Linear Method for Camera Self-Calibration with Planar Motion, A
* On the Global Self-calibration of Central Cameras Using Two Infinitesimal Rotations
* Planar Motion Estimation and Linear Ground Plane Rectification using an Uncalibrated Generic Camera
* Planar motion estimation using an uncalibrated general camera
* Singular Vector Methods for Fundamental Matrix Computation
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Espunya, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Breast Segmentation with Pectoral Muscle Suppression on Digital Mammograms
* Learning Framework for Object Recognition on Image Understanding, A

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