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Ewe, H.T.[Hong Tat] Co Author Listing * Backscattering Analysis Utilizing Relaxed Hierarchical Equivalent Source Algorithm (RHESA) for Scatterers in Vegetation Medium
* Dense Medium Microwave Backscattering Model for the Remote Sensing of Oil Palm, A
* Individual Recognition Based on Human Iris Using Fractal Dimension Approach
* Study on Oil Palm Remote Sensing at L-Band With Dense Medium Microwave Backscattering Model, A
Includes: Ewe, H.T.[Hong Tat] Ewe, H.T.[Hong-Tat] Ewe, H.T.

Ewe, K.H.[Kok Howg] Co Author Listing * ProX: A Reversed Once-for-All Network Training Paradigm for Efficient Edge Models Training in Medical Imaging

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