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Falomir, Z.[Zoe] Co Author Listing * comRAT-C: A computational compound Remote Associates Test solver based on language data and its comparison to human performance
* Customising a qualitative colour description for adaptability and usability
* Measures of similarity between qualitative descriptions of shape, colour and size applied to mosaic assembling
* model for the qualitative description of images based on visual and spatial features, A
* Qualitative distances and qualitative image descriptions for representing indoor scenes in robotics
* Rule-guided human classification of Volunteered Geographic Information
* Special issue on pattern recognition and cognitive assistants
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Falorni, P.[Pierluigi] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Electromagnetic Properties of In Situ Soils for the Design of Landmine Detection Sensors: Application in Donbass, Ukraine
* Detection of Buried Pipes From Time-of-Flight Radar Data, The
* Measurement of Coordinates for a Cylindrical Target Using Times of Flight from a 1-Transmitter and 4-Receiver UWB Antenna System
Includes: Falorni, P.[Pierluigi] Falorni, P.

FALOU, A.A.[Ayman AL] Co Author Listing * Robust and discriminating face recognition system based on a neural network and correlation techniques

Falou, W. Co Author Listing * joint 3D image semantic segmentation and scalable coding scheme with ROI approach, A

Falourd, X. Co Author Listing * Observation of Vehicle Axles Through Pass-by Noise: A Strategy of Microphone Array Design

Faloutsos, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Accurate Modeling of Region Data
* Analytical Results on the Quadtree Decomposition of Arbitrary Rectangles
* Bayesian Tensor Approach for 3-D Face Modeling
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content -- Report
* Feature Normalization for Video Indexing and Retrieval
* GCap: Graph-based Automatic Image Captioning
* Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on Human Perceptual Color Clustering
* Method for high-dimensionality indexing in a multi-media database
* MMSS: Graph-based Multi-modal Story-oriented Video Summarization and Retrieval
* Myron Dale Flickner
* Spatial Query Estimation without the Local Uniformity Assumption
* Suspicious Behavior Detection: Current Trends and Future Directions
* Unsupervised modeling of object categories using link analysis techniques
Includes: Faloutsos, C.[Christos] Faloutsos, C.
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Faloutsos, P. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Free Form Deformations for Animation Synthesis
* Evolved Controllers for Simulated Locomotion
* Open Framework for Developing, Evaluating, and Sharing Steering Algorithms, An
* Parallelized egocentric fields for autonomous navigation
* Robust Classification of Strokes with SVM and Grouping
Includes: Faloutsos, P. Faloutsos, P.[Petros]

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