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Fugacci, U.[Ulderico] Co Author Listing * Topological modifications and hierarchical representation of cell complexes in arbitrary dimensions
* Topological Operators on Cell Complexes in Arbitrary Dimensions

Fugate, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Image Registration Framework to Estimate 3D Myocardial Strains from Cine Cardiac MRI in Mice, An

Fugazza, C.[Cristiano] Co Author Listing * Describing Geospatial Assets in the Web of Data: A Metadata Management Scenario
* Implicit, Formal, and Powerful Semantics in Geoinformation
* Raising Semantics-Awareness in Geospatial Metadata Management
* Web-Scale Normalization of Geospatial Metadata Based on Semantics-Aware Data Sources

Fugazza, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Surface Solar Irradiance from Ground Observations and Satellite Data (1990-2016) over a Complex Orography Region (Piedmont-Northwest Ital
* Glacier Volume Change Monitoring From UAV Observations: Issues And Potentials of State-of-the-art Techniques
* Integration of Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetry For The Assessment Of Collapse Risk In Alpine Glaciers
* Landsat 8 OLI Broadband Albedo Validation in Antarctica and Greenland
* Monitoring Alpine Glaciers From Close-range to Satellite Sensors
* Snow Cover Variability in the Greater Alpine Region in the MODIS Era (2000-2019)
Includes: Fugazza, D.[Davide] Fugazza, D.

Fugazzotto, M.[Maura] Co Author Listing * I-PETER (Interactive platform to experience tours and education on the rocks): A virtual system for the understanding and dissemination of mineralogical-petrographic science

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