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Ganz, A. Co Author Listing * Global Identification of Tracklets in Video Using Long Range Identity Sensors
* structure of narrative: The case of film scripts, The
Includes: Ganz, A. Ganz, A.[Adam]

Ganz, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Historical and Operational Monitoring of Surface Sediments in the Lower Mekong Basin Using Landsat and Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing

Ganz, F.[Frieder] Co Author Listing * Verifying the Causes of Adversarial Examples

Ganz, M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Automated Cardiovascular Risk Scoring on Standard Lumbar Radiographs, A
* Dense iterative contextual pixel classification using Kriging
* Multi-view Consensus CNN for 3D Facial Landmark Placement
Includes: Ganz, M. Ganz, M.[Melanie]

Ganzberger, M. Co Author Listing * Handprinted Word Recognition on a NIST Data Set
* Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Template and Model Matching

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