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Gelabert, P. Co Author Listing * Programmable DSP platform for digital still cameras

Gelard, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Leaf Tracking for Plant Growth Monitoring
* Leaves Segmentation in 3D Point Cloud
Includes: Gelard, W. Gélard, W. Gélard, W.[William]

Gelas, A. Co Author Listing * Approximation of Unorganized Point Set with Composite Implicit Surface
* Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions Based Collocation Method for Level-Set Evolution in Image Segmentation
* Curvature-Based Adaptive Remeshing Forwavelet-Based Multiresolution 3D Meshes
* Radial Basis Functions Collocation Methods for Model Based Level-Set Segmentation
* RBF-Based Multiphase Level Set Method for Segmentation in Echocardiography using the Statistics of the Radiofrequency Signal, A
* Remeshing algorithm for multiresolution prior model in segmentation
* Segmentation of Myocardial Regions in Echocardiography Using the Statistics of the Radio-Frequency Signal
* Variational level-set with gaussian shape model for cell segmentation
Includes: Gelas, A. Gelas, A.[Arnaud]
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Gelas, C.[Colette] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric P-Band SAR Data over Dense Tropical Forests: Study Case in French Guiana for the BIOMASS Mission

Gelasca, E.D. Co Author Listing * Annoyance of spatio-temporal artifacts in segmentation quality assessment
* Evaluation and benchmark for biological image segmentation
* Framework for Evaluating Video Object Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Objective evaluation of segmentation quality using spatio-temporal context
* Objective Evaluation of the Perceptual Quality of 3D Watermarking
* Quality Assessment Using Data Hiding on Perceptually Important Areas
* Towards Perceptually Driven Segmentation Evaluation Metrics
* Watermarked 3-D Mesh Quality Assessment
Includes: Gelasca, E.D. Gelasca, E.D.[Elisa Drelie]
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Gelatt, C.D. Co Author Listing * Optimization by Simulated Annealing
Includes: Gelatt, C.D. Gelatt, Jr., C.D.

Gelau, C. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the occlusion technique as an assessment tool for driver visual distraction

Gelautz, M.[Margrit] Co Author Listing * Accuracy-efficiency Evaluation of Adaptive Support Weight Techniques for Local Stereo Matching
* Asynchronous Stereo Vision for Event-Driven Dynamic Stereo Sensor Using an Adaptive Cooperative Approach
* Depth Super Resolution by Rigid Body Self-Similarity in 3D
* Development of a High-Level Simulation Approach and Its Application to Multicore Video Decoding
* Efficient depth propagation in videos with GPU-acceleration
* Evaluation of Different Methods for Using Colour Information in Global Stereo Matching Approaches
* Fast Cost-Volume Filtering for Visual Correspondence and Beyond
* Graph-cut-based stereo matching using image segmentation with symmetrical treatment of occlusions
* Ground Truth Evaluation for Event-Based Silicon Retina Stereo Data
* Image-Based Stereoscopic Stylization
* Improved Cooperative Stereo Matching for Dynamic Vision Sensors with Ground Truth Evaluation
* Improving Color Modeling for Alpha Matting
* layered stereo algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints, A
* layered stereo matching algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints, A
* Local stereo matching using geodesic support weights
* Near Real-Time Stereo With Adaptive Support Weight Approaches
* Parallel Image Processing Applied to Radar Shape-from-Shading
* perceptually motivated online benchmark for image matting, A
* Recognition of Object Contours from Stereo Images: An Edge Combination Approach
* Relief Reconstruction from SAR Stereo Pairs: The Optimal Gradient Matching Method
* Right Move: A Concept for a Video-Based Choreography Tool, The
* Secrets of adaptive support weight techniques for local stereo matching
* Segmentation-Based Motion with Occlusions Using Graph-Cut Optimization
* SLAMANTIC: Leveraging Semantics to Improve VSLAM in Dynamic Environments
* spatially varying PSF-based prior for alpha matting, A
* Spatio-Temporally Coherent Interactive Video Object Segmentation via Efficient Filtering
* Spatiotemporal multiple persons tracking using Dynamic Vision Sensor
* stereo approach that handles the matting problem via image warping, A
* Temporally Consistent Disparity and Optical Flow via Efficient Spatio-temporal Filtering
* Trifocal system for high-quality inter-camera mapping and virtual view synthesis
Includes: Gelautz, M.[Margrit] Gelautz, M.
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