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Goch, G.[Gert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Papilla in a Fundus Image Based on the C-V Model and a Shape Restraint

Gochoo, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Real-time Hand Detection Using CFPN on Embedded Systems
* Drone-Based Vehicle Flow Estimation and its Application to Traffic Conflict Hotspot Detection at Intersections
* Light-Weight Mixed Stage Partial Network for Surveillance Object Detection with Background Data Augmentation
* Lownet: Privacy Preserved Ultra-Low Resolution Posture Image Classification
* Smaller Object Detection for Real-Time Embedded Traffic Flow Estimation Using Fish-Eye Cameras
* Stochastic Remote Sensing Event Classification over Adaptive Posture Estimation via Multifused Data and Deep Belief Network
Includes: Gochoo, M. Gochoo, M.[Munkhjargal]

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