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Godec, M. Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Co-Training for Vehicle Classification
* Autonomous Audio-Supported Learning of Visual Classifiers for Traffic Monitoring
* Context-driven clustering by multi-class classification in an active learning framework
* Hough-based tracking of non-rigid objects
* Improving classifiers with unlabeled weakly-related videos
* On-Line Multi-view Forests for Tracking
* On-line Random Forests
* On-Line Random Naive Bayes for Tracking
* Online multi-class LPBoost
* Robust Multi-View Boosting with Priors
* Segmentation-based tracking by support fusion
* TransientBoost: On-line boosting with transient data
Includes: Godec, M. Godec, M.[Martin]
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Godehardt, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Fast and memory-efficient quantile filter for data in three and higher dimensions
* Fast Estimation of Intrinsic Volumes in 3D Gray Value Images
* Segmentation of Collagen Fiber Bundles in 3D by Waterfall on Orientations

Godet, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * STaRFlow: A SpatioTemporal Recurrent Cell for Lightweight Multi-Frame Optical Flow Estimation

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