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Gokmen, M.[Muhittin] Co Author Listing * Active Illumination and Appearance (AIA) Model for Face Alignment, An
* Class dependent factor analysis and its application to face recognition
* Compression of Fingerprint Images Using Hybrid Image Model
* Concurrent Segmentation and Recognition with Shape-Driven Fast Marching Methods
* Context ranking machine and its application to rigid localization of deformable objects
* Edge Detection and Surface Reconstruction Using Refined Regularization
* Edge Detection Using Refined Regularization
* Edge detection with iteratively refined regularization
* Efficient face hallucination by using shape and texture dependency
* Efficient Face Recognition Scheme Using Local Zernike Moments (LZM) Patterns, An
* efficient framework for visible-infrared cross modality person re-identification, An
* Eigenhill vs. Eigenface and Eigenedge
* Face recognition with Patch-based Local Walsh Transform
* Gradient-based shape descriptors
* Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification
* Illumination Invariant Three-Stage Approach for Face Alignment
* Image compression based on Centipede Model
* Information preserving image compression for archiving NMR images
* Integrating Differential Evolution and Condensation Algorithms for License Plate Tracking
* Lambda-Tau-Space Representation of Images and Generalized Edge Detector
* Local Zernike Moments: A new representation for face recognition
* LZM in Action: Realtime Face Recognition System
* Model-Based Approach for Compression of Fingerprint Images, A
* Multiscale edge detection using first order R-filter
* Parallel Shrinking Algorithms Using 2-Subfields Approaches
* Robust Face Alignment for Illumination and Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Shape Recognition by Voting on Fast Marching Iterations
* Super-resolution reconstruction of faces by enhanced global models of shape and texture
* Tracking and Segmentation of Highway Vehicles in Cluttered and Crowded Scenes
* Two dimensional generalized edge detector
Includes: Gokmen, M.[Muhittin] Gökmen, M.[Muhittin] (Maybe also Goekmen, M.)Gokmen, M. Gökmen, M. (Maybe also Goekmen, M.)
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