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Gouda, K.[Karam] Co Author Listing * improved global lower bound for graph edit similarity search, An
* novel hierarchical-based framework for upper bound computation of graph edit distance, A

Gouda, M.[Muhammed] Co Author Listing * Flow cytometry with event-based vision and spiking neuromorphic hardware

Goudail, F. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Shannon Entropy and Bhattacharyya Measure of Contrast in Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Image, A
* Comparison of depth-of-focus-enhancing pupil masks based on a signal-to-noise-ratio criterion after deconvolution
* Contrast Definition for Optical Coherent Polarimetric Images
* Error Analysis of the Dispersion-compensated Wide-band Polarization SAGNAC Interferometer
* Estimation of the degree of polarization in active coherent imagery by using the natural representation
* Face Recognition System Using Local Autocorrelations and Multiscale Integration
* general framework for designing image processing algorithms for coherent polarimetric images, A
* Identification of precancerous lesions by multispectral gastroendoscopy
* Influence of the Noise Model on Level Set Active Contour Segmentation
* Information Theory-Based Approach for Contrast Analysis in Polarimetric and/or Interferometric SAR Images
* Joint Denoising-Demosaicking Network for Long-Wave Infrared Division-of-Focal-Plane Polarization Images With Mixed Noise Level Estimation
* Location of Target with Random Gray Levels in Correlated Background with Optimal Processors and Preprocessings
* Multispectral Endoscopy to Identify Precancerous Lesions in Gastric Mucosa
* No-Reference Physics-Based Quality Assessment of Polarization Images and Its Application to Demosaicking
* Non-additive noise and optimal correlation
* Optimal algorithms for target location in nonhomogeneous binary images
* Optimal configuration of static Mueller imagers for target detection
* Optimal configuration of static polarization imagers for target detection
* Performance comparison of fully adaptive and static passive polarimetric imagers in the presence of intensity and polarization contrast
* Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Image Partition Into Statistically Homogeneous Regions Based on the Minimization of the Stochastic Complexity
* Polarimetric Imaging via Deep Learning: A Review
* Statistical algorithms for target detection in coherent active polarimetric images
* Target Detection and Segmentation in Coherent Active Polarimetric Images
Includes: Goudail, F. Goudail, F.[Franšois] Goudail, F.[Francois] Goudail, F.[François] Goudail, F.[Fran\\ccois]
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Goudar, A.[Abhishek] Co Author Listing * Continuous-Time Range-Only Pose Estimation

Goudarz, R.H.[Reza Heydari] Co Author Listing * Introducing a New Feature Extraction Method for Non-Contact Blood Pressure Estimating Through iPPG Signals Extracted using G-R Method from Video Images of Different Facial Regions

Goudarzi, F. Co Author Listing * Non-Cooperative Beacon Power Control for VANETs

Goudarzi, P.[Pejman] Co Author Listing * Optimal Rate Allocation for Video Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
* Scalable video transmission over multi-hop wireless networks with enhanced quality of experience using swarm intelligence
* stable bio-inspired resource assignment strategy for elastic traffic, A

Goudarzi, V.[Visda] Co Author Listing * Designing an Interactive Audio Interface for Climate Science

Goudbeek, M.[Martijn] Co Author Listing * Affective Words and the Company They Keep: Studying the Accuracy of Affective Word Lists in Determining Sentence and Word Valence in a Domain-Specific Corpus

Goudelis, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Automated Facial Pose Extraction From Video Sequences Based on Mutual Information
* Exploring trace transform for robust human action recognition
* Motivating class-specific nonlinear projections for single and multiple view face verification
* Novel Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Face Verification, A
* THETIS: Three Dimensional Tennis Shots a Human Action Dataset
* Using mutual information to indicate facial poses in video sequences

Goudemand, C. Co Author Listing * Optimal Bit Rate Adaptation for Layered Video Transmission over Spectrally Shaped Channels Using Multicarrier Modulation

Goudemant, J.F. Co Author Listing * IMIS: A multi-platform software package for telediagnosis and 3D medical image processing

Goudia, D.[Dalila] Co Author Listing * Non linear hybrid watermarking for High Dynamic Range images

Goudie, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation from Depth with Convolutional Neural Networks

Goudine, A.[Alexei] Co Author Listing * Seeing Climate Change: A Framework for Understanding Visualizations for Climate Adaptation

Goudos, S.[Sotirios] Co Author Listing * Encoding Spectral-Spatial Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification in the Satellite Internet of Things System

Goudos, S.K.[Sotirios K.] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Context Prediction of Autonomous Vehicles

Goudreault, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * LiDAR-in-the-Loop Hyperparameter Optimization
Includes: Goudreault, F.[Felix] Goudreault, F.[Félix]

Goudy, R. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Special Section on ITS and Road Safety
* Security Credential Management System for V2X Communications, A

Goudzwaard, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Workflow Feature Selection on Forest LAI Prediction with Sentinel-2A MSI, Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 OLI

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