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Guitian, J.A.I.[Jose Antonio Iglesias] Co Author Listing * Evaluating layout discrimination capabilities of continuous and discrete automultiscopic displays
* GPU framework for parallel segmentation of volumetric images using discrete deformable models, A
* interactive 3D medical visualization system based on a light field display, An
Includes: Guitian, J.A.I.[Jose Antonio Iglesias] Guitián, J.A.I.[José A. Iglesias] Guitián, J.A.I.[José Antonio Iglesias]

Guitteny, V. Co Author Listing * Accelerated multi-view stereo using parallel processing capababilities of the GPUS
* DiscoNet: Shapes Learning on Disconnected Manifolds for 3D Editing
* Manifold Learning in Quotient Spaces
* Synchronizing Video Sequences from Temporal Epipolar Lines Analysis
* Urban models texturing from un-calibrated photographs
* Virtu4D: a Real-time Virtualization of Reality
Includes: Guitteny, V. Guitteny, V.[Vincent]

Guitton, G. Co Author Listing * New Observations From the SWIM Radar On-Board CFOSAT: Instrument Validation and Ocean Wave Measurement Assessment

Guitton, P. Co Author Listing * Design of an annotation system for taking notes in virtual reality
* Hand Postures Recognition in Large-Display VR Environments
* Reality: An Interactive Reconstruction Tool of 3-D Objects from Photographs
* Toponym Recognition in Scanned Color Topographic Maps
Includes: Guitton, P. Guitton, P.[Pascal]

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