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Hanbay, D.[Davut] Co Author Listing * Continuous rotation invariant features for gradient-based texture classification

Hanbay, K.[Kazim] Co Author Listing * Continuous rotation invariant features for gradient-based texture classification
* Multi-Scale Shape Index-Based Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification

Hanberry, B.B.[Brice B.] Co Author Listing * Classifying Large Wildfires in the United States by Land Cover

Hanbury, A.[Allan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation by Positioning a Seed
* Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Color based skin classification
* Color Pair Clustering for Texture Detection
* Colour Adjacency Histograms for Image Matching
* Creating a Large-Scale Silver Corpus from Multiple Algorithmic Segmentations
* DASyR(IR): document analysis system for systematic reviews (in Information Retrieval)
* Do Colour Interest Points Improve Image Retrieval?
* Efficient Algorithm for Calculating the Exact Hausdorff Distance, An
* Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Complex Immunofluorescence Nuclear Image Segmentation
* Evaluation of Gradient Vector Flow for Interest Point Detection
* FeEval A Dataset for Evaluation of Spatio-temporal Local Features
* Finding defects in texture using regularity and local orientation
* formal method for selecting evaluation metrics for image segmentation, A
* How Do Superpixels Affect Image Segmentation?
* Image search in patents: a review
* Improved motion segmentation based on shadow detection
* Invariant Shape Matching for Detection of Semi-local Image Structures
* Local Structure Detection with Orientation-invariant Radial Configuration
* Lonely but attractive: Sparse color salient points for object retrieval and categorization
* Machine learning framework incorporating expert knowledge in tissue image annotation
* Morphological segmentation on learned boundaries
* Motion Detection Using an Improved Colour Model
* On segmentation evaluation metrics and region counts
* Radial Edge Configuration for Semi-local Image Structure Description
* Redundancy Pyramid and Its Application to Segmentation on an Image Sequence, The
* Robust camera self-calibration from monocular images of Manhattan worlds
* Robust Color Texture Features Under Varying Illumination Conditions
* Skin detection: A random forest approach
* Skin Paths for Contextual Flagging Adult Videos
* Sparse Color Interest Points for Image Retrieval and Object Categorization
* Special issue on image and video retrieval evaluation
* Steerable Semi-automatic Segmentation of Textured Images
* Supervised Texture Detection in Images
* Systematic Evaluation of Spatio-Temporal Features on Comparative Video Challenges
* Template patch driven image segmentation
* Universal Seed Skin Segmentation
* Waterfall Segmentation of Complex Scenes
Includes: Hanbury, A.[Allan] Hanbury, A.
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Hanbury, A.G.[Allan G.] Co Author Listing * 3D-Polar Coordinate Colour Representation Well Adapted to Image Analysis, A
* Colour Image Analysis in 3D-Polar Coordinates
* Constructing cylindrical coordinate colour spaces
* Mathematical Morphology in the HLS Colour Space
* Morphological Distinguished Regions
* Morphological operators on the unit circle
* morphological top-hat operator generalised to multi-channel images, The
* Morphology Based Spatial Relationships between Local Primitives in Line Drawings
* Painting crack elimination using viscous morphological reconstruction
Includes: Hanbury, A.G.[Allan G.] Hanbury, A.G.
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