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Harn, L.[Lein] Co Author Listing * HSS-based robust and lightweight multiple group authentication for ITS towards 5G, An
* k Out of n Region Incrementing Scheme in Visual Cryptography
Includes: Harn, L.[Lein] Harn, L.

Harn, P.W.[Po Wei] Co Author Listing * overlapping Voronoi diagram-based system for multi-criteria optimal location queries, An
Includes: Harn, P.W.[Po Wei] Harn, P.W.[Po-Wei]

Harney, R.C. Co Author Listing * Information-Based Approach to Performance Estimation and Requirements Allocation in Multisensor Fusion for Target Recognition
* Sensor Fusion III

Harnsomburana, J. Co Author Listing * hybrid tree approach for efficient image database retrieval with dynamic feedback, A

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