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Hazel, G.G. Co Author Listing * Multivariate Gaussian MRF for Multispectral Scene Segmentation and Anomaly Detection
* Object-level change detection in spectral imagery

Hazelhoff, L.[Lykele] Co Author Listing * Behavioral State Detection of Newborns Based on Facial Expression Analysis
* Color transformation for improved traffic sign detection
* Combined generation of road marking and road sign databases applied to consistency checking of pedestrian crossings
* Detection and Recognition of Road Markings in Panoramic Images
* Exploiting street-level panoramic images for large-scale automated surveying of traffic signs
* Optimal Performance-Efficiency Trade-off for Bag of Words Classification of Road Signs
* Robust classification of traffic signs using multi-view cues
* Robust classification system with reliability prediction for semi-automatic traffic-sign inventory systems
* Robust detection, classification and positioning of traffic signs from street-level panoramic images for inventory purposes
* Robust Model-Based Detection of Gable Roofs in Very-High-Resolution Aerial Images
* System for semi-automated surveying of street-lighting poles from street-level panoramic images
* Video-Based Fall Detection in the Home Using Principal Component Analysis
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Hazen, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Multi-camera Video Resolution Enhancement by Fusion of Spatial Disparity and Temporal Motion fields

Hazen, R.M.[Robert M.] Co Author Listing * Using Visual Exploratory Data Analysis to Facilitate Collaboration and Hypothesis Generation in Cross-Disciplinary Research

Hazeu, G. Co Author Listing * Spatial Data Quality and a Workflow Tool

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