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Hilaga, M. Co Author Listing * Topology Matching for Fully Automatic Similarity Estimation of 3D Shapes

Hilaire, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Repairing geometric errors in 3D urban models with kinetic data structures

Hilaire, T.P. Co Author Listing * Multifringe Pattern Analysis of Circular Zone Plates

Hilaire, X. Co Author Listing * matching scheme to enhance performance evaluation of raster-to-vector conversion algorithms, A
* Robust and Accurate Vectorization of Line Drawings

Hilal, A. Co Author Listing * Elastic strips normalisation model for higher iris recognition performance

Hilal, A.M.[Anwer Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Block-Scrambling-Based Encryption with Deep-Learning-Driven Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Intelligent facial expression recognition and classification using optimal deep transfer learning model

Hilal, A.R. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Lane-Determination System Using GNSS/IMU Fusion and HMM-Based Multistage Map Matching, A

Hilal, H.A.[Hasan Abu] Co Author Listing * Performance of ZF and MMSE decoders for massive multi-cell MIMO systems in impulsive and Laplacian noise channels

Hilal, M.[Mirvana] Co Author Listing * Texture analysis using two-dimensional permutation entropy and amplitude-aware permutation entropy

Hilal, S.K. Co Author Listing * tuning fork artifact in computerized tomography, The
* X-Ray Image Subtraction by Digital Means

Hilarides, L.[Lammert] Co Author Listing * coastTrain: A Global Reference Library for Coastal Ecosystems
* Global Mangrove Extent Change 1996-2020: Global Mangrove Watch Version 3.0
* Global Mangrove Watch: A New 2010 Global Baseline of Mangrove Extent, The
* Global Mangrove Watch: Monthly Alerts of Mangrove Loss for Africa
* Global Mangrove Watch: Updated 2010 Mangrove Forest Extent (v2.5)

Hilario, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Adaptative Road Lanes Detection and Classification
* Model based vehicle detection for intelligent vehicles
* Multi-resolution Image Analysis for Vehicle Detection
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking Based on Far Infrared Visual Information
Includes: Hilario, C.[Cristina] Hilario, C.

Hilario, M. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Musical Score Recognition Using High-Level Domain Knowledge, An

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