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Hlawatsch, F. Co Author Listing * Cardinality-Consensus-Based PHD Filtering for Distributed Multitarget Tracking
* Classification-Aided Multitarget Tracking Using the Sum-Product Algorithm
* Cooperative Localization for Mobile Networks: A Distributed Belief Propagation: Mean Field Message Passing Algorithm
* Distributed Sequential Estimation in Asynchronous Wireless Sensor Networks
* Sigma Point Belief Propagation
* Subband Image Coding Using Cosine Modulated Filter Banks with Perfect Reconstruction and Linear Phase

Hlawitschka, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * 2D Vector field approximation using linear neighborhoods
* Customized TRS invariants for 2D vector fields via moment normalization
* Interactive Glyph Placement for Tensor Fields
* Tensor Lines in Tensor Fields of Arbitrary Order
* Using R-Trees for Interactive Visualization of Large Multidimensional Datasets

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