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Hogland, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Standard Modeling Techniques Using Digital Aerial Imagery with National Elevation Datasets and Airborne LiDAR to Predict Size and Density Forest Metrics in the Sapphire Mountains MT, USA, A
* Fine Resolution Probabilistic Land Cover Classification of Landscapes in the Southeastern United States
* Improving Estimates of Natural Resources Using Model-Based Estimators: Impacts of Sample Design, Estimation Technique, and Strengths of Association
* Linking Phenological Indices from Digital Cameras in Idaho and Montana to MODIS NDVI
* Mapping Forest Characteristics at Fine Resolution across Large Landscapes of the Southeastern United States Using NAIP Imagery and FIA Field Plot Data
* Mitigating the Impact of Field and Image Registration Errors through Spatial Aggregation
* New Geospatial Approaches for Efficiently Mapping Forest Biomass Logistics at High Resolution over Large Areas
* Using Forest Inventory Data with Landsat 8 Imagery to Map Longleaf Pine Forest Characteristics in Georgia, USA
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Hoglinger, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Large-scale music exploration in hierarchically organized landscapes using prototypicality information
Includes: Hoglinger, C.[Christian] Höglinger, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Hoeglinger, C.)

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