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Hwu, R.F. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Progressive Image Transmission with Storage and Transmission Time Constraints

Hwu, W. Co Author Listing * Alleviating Semantic-level Shift: A Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation Method for Semantic Segmentation
* Differential Treatment for Stuff and Things: A Simple Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Method for Semantic Segmentation
* SPGNet: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Scene Parsing

Hwu, W.M.[Wen Mei] Co Author Listing * Interpretable Visual Reasoning via Induced Symbolic Space
* Pseudo-IoU: Improving Label Assignment in Anchor-Free Object Detection
* Rapid computation of sodium bioscales using gpu-accelerated image reconstruction
Includes: Hwu, W.M.[Wen Mei] Hwu, W.M.[Wen-Mei]

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