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Inaba, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Analysis for Image Enhancement
* Apparatus and methods for detecting number of people waiting in an elevator hall using plural image processing means with overlapping fields of view
* Image processing apparatus having apparatus for correcting the image processing
* Muscle-Driven Motion Simulation Based on Deformable Human Model Constructed from Real Anatomical Slice Data
Includes: Inaba, H. Inaba, H.[Hiromi] Inaba, H.[Hiroshi]

Inaba, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Impression Transformation of Faces in 3D Shape: A Perceptual Comparison with Processing on 2D Images
* Cloth Detection Method Based on Image Wrinkle Feature for Daily Assistive Robots, A
* Electric Appliance Parts Classification Using a Measure Combining the Whole Shape and Local Shape Distribution Similarities
* Home-Assistant Robot for an Aging Society
* Learning by Watching: Extracting Reusable Task Knowledge from Visual Observation of Human Performance
* Predicting Appearance of Vehicles From Blind Spots Based on Pedestrian Behaviors at Crossroads
* Realtime 3D Depth Flow Generation and Its Application to Track to Walking Human Being
* Recognizing People in Blind Spots Based on Surrounding Behavior
* System for Real-Time Extraction of Image Outlines, A
* View-based navigation using an omniview sequence in a corridor environment
Includes: Inaba, M. Inaba, M.[Masayuki] Inaba, M.[Masaki]
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Inabata, T.[Tatsuo] Co Author Listing * Focus detecting optical system including a plurality of focus blocks composed of an integrally molded prism member

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