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Ipson, S.[Stanley] Co Author Listing * Feature Recognition in Solar Images
* fuzzy logic method of feature representation for shot boundary detection, A
* multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition, A
* Multiple spatial watermarking technique in color images
* Real-time video surveillance system using a field programmable gate array
* Robust image watermarking via geometrically invariant feature points and image normalisation
* Technique for Automated Recognition of Sunspots on Full-Disk Solar Images
Includes: Ipson, S.[Stanley] Ipson, S.[Stan] Ipson, S.
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Ipson, S.S. Co Author Listing * Fusion of intensity and inter-component chromatic difference for effective and robust colour edge detection
* novel triangulation procedure for thinning hand-written text, A
* Shape-Match Based Algorithm for Pseudo-3D Conversion of 2D Videos, A

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