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Jali, S.K.[Suriati Khartini] Co Author Listing * Deep learning in the grading of diabetic retinopathy: A review

Jalihal, D.[Devendra] Co Author Listing * Signal Detection Theory Approach to the Multiple Parallel Moving Targets Problem

Jalil, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Seamless Mosaics Using Invariant Features
* Brain MRI denoising and segmentation based on improved adaptive nonlocal means
* Correlation, Kalman filter and adaptive fast mean shift based heuristic approach for robust visual tracking
* extended non-local means algorithm: Application to brain MRI, An
* Multimode Image Clustering Using Optimal Image Descriptor
* New image matching technique based on hyper-vectorisation of grey level sliced binary image
* new template updating method for correlation tracking, A
* Robust brain MRI denoising and segmentation using enhanced non-local means algorithm
* Rotation and gray-scale-invariant texture analysis using radon and differential radon transforms based hidden Markov models
* Visual Aerial Navigation through Adaptive Prediction and Hyper-Space Image Matching
Includes: Jalil, A.[Ahmad] Jalil, A.[Abdul] Jalil, A.
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Jalil, A.R.[Abd. Rasyid] Co Author Listing * High Chlorophyll-a Areas along the Western Coast of South Sulawesi-Indonesia during the Rainy Season Revealed by Satellite Data

Jalil, B.[Bushra] Co Author Listing * Detection of QRS complex in ECG signal based on classification approach
* Extracting Noise Elements while Preserving Edges in Spatial Domain
* QRS Complex Detection by Non Linear Thresholding of Modulus Maxima

Jalil, N.[Nauman] Co Author Listing * Performance optimization of rotation-tolerant Viola-Jones-based blackbird detection

Jalili, M.J.[Mohammad J.] Co Author Listing * New System for Recognition of Handwritten Persian Bank Checks, A
* novel database for automatic processing of Persian handwritten bank checks, A
* Persian Signature Verification Based on Fractal Dimension Using Testing Hypothesis

Jalili, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Least squares twin multi-class classification support vector machine
* Voxel selection framework based on meta-heuristic search and mutual information for brain decoding

Jalilian, E.[Ehsaneddin] Co Author Listing * CNN-based off-angle iris segmentation and recognition
* Deep Iris Compression
* Deep Learning Based Automated Vickers Hardness Measurement
* Exploiting superior CNN-based iris segmentation for better recognition accuracy

Jalilian, L.[Laleh] Co Author Listing * Synthetic Generation of Face Videos with Plethysmograph Physiology

Jalink, A. Co Author Listing * CCD mosaic technique for large-field digital mammography

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