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Jerripothula, K.R.[Koteswar Rao] Co Author Listing * AppFuse: An Appearance Fusion Framework for Saliency Cues
* Automatic Image Co-Segmentation Using Geometric Mean Saliency
* CATS: Co-saliency Activated Tracklet Selection for Video Co-Localization
* Efficient Video Object Co-Localization With Co-Saliency Activated Tracklets
* Federated Learning for Commercial Image Sources
* Group saliency propagation for large scale and quick image co-segmentation
* Image Co-segmentation via Saliency Co-fusion
* Image Co-Skeletonization via Co-Segmentation
* Object Co-skeletonization with Co-segmentation
* QCCE: Quality constrained co-saliency estimation for common object detection
* Quality-Guided Fusion-Based Co-Saliency Estimation for Image Co-Segmentation and Colocalization
Includes: Jerripothula, K.R.[Koteswar Rao] Jerripothula, K.R.
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Jerry, K. Co Author Listing * NetLogo implementation of an ant colony optimisation solution to the traffic problem

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