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Jeya, L. Co Author Listing * KinectScenes: Robust Real-Time RGB-D Fusion for Animal Behavioural Monitoring

Jeyabharathi, D. Co Author Listing * Cut set-based Dynamic Key frame selection and Adaptive Layer-based Background Modeling for background subtraction
* Vehicle Tracking and Speed Measurement system (VTSM) based on novel feature descriptor: Diagonal Hexadecimal Pattern (DHP)

Jeyakar, J.[Jaideep] Co Author Listing * Robust Object Tracking using Local Kernels and Background Information
* Robust object tracking with background-weighted local kernels

Jeyakarthic, M. Co Author Listing * Statistical distributional approach for scale and rotation invariant color image retrieval using multivariate parametric tests and orthogonality condition

Jeyalakshmi, S.[Saranya] Co Author Listing * Watershed Modeling with Remotely Sensed Big Data: MODIS Leaf Area Index Improves Hydrology and Water Quality Predictions

Jeyapalan, K.[Kandiah] Co Author Listing * Mobile Digital Cameras for As-Built Surveys of Roadside Features

Jeyaprakash, A.[Amudha] Co Author Listing * Categorization of breast masses based on deep belief network parameters optimized using chaotic krill herd optimization algorithm for frequent diagnosis of breast abnormalities
* Linearly uncorrelated principal component and deep convolutional image deblurring for natural images

Jeyaraj, P.R.[Pandia Rajan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic image reconstruction and synthesis framework using deep learning algorithm
* High-performance dynamic magnetic resonance image reconstruction and synthesis employing deep feature learning convolutional networks

Jeyaram, A. Co Author Listing * Risk Zone Modelling And Early Warning System For Visceral Leishmaniasis (kala-azar) Disease In Bihar, India Using Remote Sensing And Gis
* Runoff simulation using distributed hydrological modeling approach, remote sensing and Gis techniques: A case study from an Indian agricultural watershed
* Texture Analysis for Classification of RISAT-II Images

Jeyaratnam, J.[Jeyavinoth] Co Author Listing * New Operational Snow Retrieval Algorithm Applied to Historical AMSR-E Brightness Temperatures, A

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