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Jozdani, S.[Shahab] Co Author Listing * On the versatility of popular and recently proposed supervised evaluation metrics for segmentation quality of remotely sensed images: An experimental case study of building extraction

Jozdani, S.E.[Shahab Eddin] Co Author Listing * Comparing Deep Neural Networks, Ensemble Classifiers, and Support Vector Machine Algorithms for Object-Based Urban Land Use/Land Cover Classification
* Confusion Matrices Help Prevent Reader Confusion
* Identifying Generalizable Image Segmentation Parameters for Urban Land Cover Mapping through Meta-Analysis and Regression Tree Modeling
* Local Climate Zone (LCZ) Map Accuracy Assessments Should Account for Land Cover Physical Characteristics that Affect the Local Thermal Environment
Includes: Jozdani, S.E.[Shahab Eddin] Jozdani, S.E.[Shahab E.]

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