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Kadri Harouna, S. Co Author Listing * Divergence-Free Wavelets and High Order Regularization
* Self-Similar Prior and Wavelet Bases for Hidden Incompressible Turbulent Motion
Includes: Kadri Harouna, S. Kadri-Harouna, S.

Kadri, B. Co Author Listing * Privacy and Authentication Scheme for IoT Environments Using ECC and Fuzzy Extractor, A

Kadri, H.[Hachem] Co Author Listing * Cross-View kernel transfer

Kadri, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Disparities selection controlled by the compensated image quality for a given bitrate

Kadri, M. Co Author Listing * V-Museum: A Virtual Museum Based on Augmented and Virtual Realities for Cultural Heritage Mediation

Kadri, O.[Oussama] Co Author Listing * Power shrinkage-curvelet domain image denoising using a new scale-dependent shrinkage function

Kadric, Z.[Zuhret] Co Author Listing * Future Swedish 3D City Models: Specifications, Test Data, and Evaluation

Kadrmas, D.J. Co Author Listing * Application of Reconstruction-Based Scatter Compensation to Tl-201 SPECT: Implementations for Reduced Reconstructed Image Noise
* Experimental Comparison of Lesion Detectability for Four Fully-3D PET Reconstruction Schemes
* Rotate-and-Slant Projector for Fast LOR-Based Fully-3-D Iterative PET Reconstruction

Kadry, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate, swift and noiseless image binarization
* Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies
* framework of human action recognition using length control features fusion and weighted entropy-variances based feature selection, A
* Internet of things assisted public security management platform for urban transportation using hybridised cryptographic-integrated steganography
* novel nonintrusive decision support approach for heart rate measurement, A
* Procuring cooperative intelligence in autonomous vehicles for object detection through data fusion approach
* Steganogram removal using multidirectional diffusion in Fourier domain while preserving perceptual image quality
* Vehicle-Consensus Information Exchange Scheme for Traffic Management in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, A
Includes: Kadry, S. Kadry, S.[Seifedine]
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Kadry, S.N.[Seifedine Nimer] Co Author Listing * Review and synthesis of Big Data analytics and computing for smart sustainable cities
* Sustainable transportation system for electronic waste recycling from a social perspective

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