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Kafadar, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Quality Pre-processor for Biological Cell Images, A

Kafai, M.[Mehran] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Classification Bayesian Networks for head pose estimation
* CROification: Accurate Kernel Classification with the Efficiency of Sparse Linear SVM
* Directional mean shift and its application for topology classification of local 3D structures
* Discrete Cosine Transform Locality-Sensitive Hashes for Face Retrieval
* Person Reidentification With Reference Descriptor
* Reference-based person re-identification
* To skip or not to skip? A dataset of spontaneous affective response of online advertising (SARA) for audience behavior analysis
* Zapping Index: Using Smile to Measure Advertisement Zapping Likelihood
Includes: Kafai, M.[Mehran] Kafai, M.
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Kafali, E.[Efthimia] Co Author Listing * RobusterNet: Improving Copy-Move Forgery Detection with Volterra-based Convolutions

Kafarski, M. Co Author Listing * One-Port Vector Network Analyzer Characterization of Soil Dielectric Spectrum

Kafatos, M.[Menas] Co Author Listing * Estimating Live Fuel Moisture Using SMAP L-Band Radiometer Soil Moisture for Southern California, USA

Kafatos, M.C.[Menas C.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Live Fuel Moisture from MODIS Satellite Data for Wildfire Danger Assessment in Southern California USA

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