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Kamo, N. Co Author Listing * Blind Signal Dereverberation Based on Mixture of Weighted Prediction Error Models
* Online Speech Dereverberation Using Mixture of Multichannel Linear Prediction Models
Includes: Kamo, N. Kamo, N.[Naoyuki]

Kamohara, K. Co Author Listing * Approach to Estimating Human Behaviors by Using an Active Vision Head, An

Kamola, A.[Aleksander] Co Author Listing * Forgotten Nazi Forced Labour Camps: Arbeitslager Riese (Lower Silesia, SE Poland) and the Use of Archival Aerial Photography and Contemporary LiDAR and Ground Truth Data to Identify and Delineate Camp Areas

Kamon, I. Co Author Listing * Sensory-Based Motion Planning with Global Proofs
* Tangentbug: A Range-Sensor-Based Navigation Algorithm

Kamon, Y. Co Author Listing * Coordination of appearance and motion data for virtual view generation of traditional dances

Kamon, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Co Author Listing * Collaboration of geometry and photometry for virtual exhibitions of tangible and intangible cultural heritages
Includes: Kamon, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Kamon, Y.J.[Yu-Ji]

Kamoshita, H. Co Author Listing * Low-Dose CT Reconstruction with Multiclass Orthogonal Dictionaries

Kamotskyy, O. Co Author Listing * Character templates learning for textual images recognition as an example of learning in structural recognition

Kamoun, A. Co Author Listing * Two optimizations of the MPEG-4 FAMC standard for enhanced compression of animated 3D meshes

Kamoun, L.[Lotfi] Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Based Quality Monitoring in Olive Oil Conditioning

Kamoun, M.A. Co Author Listing * On Performance Evaluation of Registration Algorithms for 3D Point Clouds

Kamowski, T.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic quality enhancement and nerve fibre layer artefacts removal in retina fundus images by off axis imaging

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