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Khomarudin, M.R.[M. Rokhis] Co Author Listing * Applying the Tropical Peatland Combustion Algorithm to Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument (MSI) Imagery

Khomenko, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * DeepLandscape: Adversarial Modeling of Landscape Videos
* Label Denoising with Large Ensembles of Heterogeneous Neural Networks

Khomenko, V.[Viacheslav] Co Author Listing * Text/shape classifier for mobile applications with handwriting input

Khomik, M. Co Author Listing * Using Spectral Indices to Estimate Water Content and GPP in Sphagnum Moss and Other Peatland Vegetation

Khomkham, B.[Banphatree] Co Author Listing * Pulmonary lesion classification from endobronchial ultrasonography images using adaptive weighted-sum of the upper and lower triangular gray-level co-occurrence matrix

Khomri, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for the Segmentation of Retinal Vessels from Fundus Images
* Retinal blood vessel segmentation using the elite-guided multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm

Khomutenko, B.[Bogdan] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach for 3D Head Reconstruction: Using Neural Networks and Visual Geometry

Khomutov, A.[Artem] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Gas Emission Crater Geomorphodynamics on Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas (Russia), Based on Repeat Very-High-Resolution Stereopairs
* Gas Emission Craters and Mound-Predecessors in the North of West Siberia, Similarities and Differences
* Microrelief Associated with Gas Emission Craters: Remote-Sensing and Field-Based Study
* Seasonal Progression of Ground Displacement Identified with Satellite Radar Interferometry and the Impact of Unusually Warm Conditions on Permafrost at the Yamal Peninsula in 2016
* Terrestrial CDOM in Lakes of Yamal Peninsula: Connection to Lake and Lake Catchment Properties

Khomyakov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Transforming Access to and Use of Climate Information Products Derived from Remote Sensing and In Situ Observations

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