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Kitchell, L.[Lindsey] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Modeling of Neural Structure in X-Ray Imagery

Kitchen, L.[Les] Co Author Listing * email: Kitchen, L.[Les]: ljk AT cs mu oz au
* Discrete Relaxation for Matching Relational Structures
* Early Jump-Out Corner Detectors
* Edge Evaluation using Local Edge Coherence
* Fast Line Finder for Vision-Guided Robot Navigation, A
* Filling Gaps in the Hough-Transform Voting Locus for N-Dimensional Parameter Spaces
* Gray Level Corner Detection
* Hough Transform Technique for Subgraph Isomorphism, A
* Identification of Human Faces Using Data-Driven Segmentation, Rule-based Hypothesis Formulation, and Iterative Model-based Hypothesis Verification
* Improvements in Multispectral Image Smoothing
* Multispectral Image Smoothing Guided by Global Distribution of Pixel Values
* Non-Maximum Suppression of Gradient Magnitudes Makes Them Easier to Threshold
* Object-Based Image Content Characterisation for Semantic-Level Image Similarity Calculation
* Object-Based Image Similarity Computation Using Inductive Learning of Contour-Segment Relations
* Optimal Cell Size for Efficient Retrieval of Sparse Data by Approximate 2D Position Using a Coarse Spatial Array
* Relaxation Applied to Matching Quantitative Relational Structures
* Relaxation for Point-Pattern Matching: What it really Computes
* Scene Analysis Using Region-Based Constraint Filtering
* Segmentation of FLIR Images: A Comparative Study
* Soft image segmentation by weighted linked pyramid
Includes: Kitchen, L.[Les] Kitchen, L. Kitchen, L.[Leslie]
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Kitchen, L.J.[Leslie John] Co Author Listing * Edge Evaluation Using Necessary Components
* Effect of Spatial Discretization of the Magnitude and Direction Response of Simple Differential Edge Operators on a Step Edge, The
* Rapid Object Recognition From a Large Model Base Using Prediction Hierarchies
* Recognition in 2D Images of 3D Objects from Large Model Bases Using Prediction Hierarchies
* Straight-Edge Extraction in Distorted Images Using Gradient Correction
Includes: Kitchen, L.J.[Leslie John] Kitchen, L.J. Kitchen, L.J.[Leslie J.]

Kitchen, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Validation of Space-Based Albedo Products from Upscaled Tower-Based Measurements Over Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Landscapes

Kitchen, M.J.[Marcus J.] Co Author Listing * Full Field X-Ray Scatter Tomography
* GPU accelerated regional lung air volume measurements from phase contrast X-ray images
* Material Decomposition Using Spectral Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging
Includes: Kitchen, M.J.[Marcus J.] Kitchen, M.J.

Kitchen, N.R.[Newell R.] Co Author Listing * Corn Nitrogen Nutrition Index Prediction Improved by Integrating Genetic, Environmental, and Management Factors with Active Canopy Sensing Using Machine Learning

Kitchener, M.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive regularization for image restoration using a variational inequality approach
* Adaptive regularization for multiple image restoration using an extended Total Variations approach
* Compressive Sensing Approach to Image Restoration, A
Includes: Kitchener, M.A. Kitchener, M.A.[Matthew Andrew]

Kitchin, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Long-wave infrared polarimetric cluster-based vehicle detection

Kitchingman, A. Co Author Listing * Use of Modis Data To Define Natural Boundaries and Regions In The Marine Water Column, The

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