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Kobbelt, L.[Leif] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Generation with Grid-based Implicit Functions
* Efficient Effective Prioritized Matching for Large-Scale Image-Based Localization
* Fast image-based localization using direct 2D-to-3D matching
* Get Well Soon! Human Factors' Influence on Cybersickness After Redirected Walking Exposure in Virtual Reality
* Image Retrieval for Image-Based Localization Revisited
* Improving Image-Based Localization by Active Correspondence Search
* Initial User-Centered Design of a Virtual Reality Heritage System: Applications for Digital Tourism
* Learning to Reconstruct High-Quality 3D Shapes with Cascaded Fully Convolutional Networks
* Polygon mesh repairing: An application perspective
* Pseudo-Immersive Real-Time Display of 3D Scenes on Mobile Devices
* Scalable 6-DOF Localization on Mobile Devices
* Scalable Collaborative Online System for City Reconstruction, A
* SCRAMSAC: Improving RANSAC's efficiency with a spatial consistency filter
* SIFT-Realistic Rendering
* Simple Approach to Intrinsic Correspondence Learning on Unstructured 3D Meshes, A
* Towards Fast Image-Based Localization on a City-Scale
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Indoor 3d Point Cloud: Application To Object-based Classification
Includes: Kobbelt, L.[Leif] Kobbelt, L.
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Kobbelt, L.B.[Leif B.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Computation of Shortest Path-Concavity for 3D Meshes
* Realtime Compositing Of Procedural Facade Textures on the GPU
Includes: Kobbelt, L.B.[Leif B.] Kobbelt, L.B.

Kobbelt, L.P.[Leif P.] Co Author Listing * Ellipsoid decomposition of 3D-models
* Feature sensitive mesh processing
* Hierarchical Volumetric Multi-view Stereo Reconstruction of Manifold Surfaces based on Dual Graph Embedding
* Image selection for improved Multi-View Stereo
* Markerless reconstruction and synthesis of dynamic facial expressions
* Markerless reconstruction of dynamic facial expressions
* Parameterization-free active contour models with topology control
* Robust and Efficient Photo-Consistency Estimation for Volumetric 3D Reconstruction
* Robust Procedure to Eliminate Degenerate Faces from Triangle Meshes, A
* Surface-Growing Approach to Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction, A
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Kobbert, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Displaying the Driving State of Automated Vehicles to Other Road Users: An International, Virtual Reality-Based Study as a First Step for the Harmonized Regulations of Novel Signaling Devices

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