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Korica Pehserl, P.[Petra] Co Author Listing * Flea, Do You Remember Me?
Includes: Korica Pehserl, P.[Petra] Korica-Pehserl, P.[Petra]

Kories, R. Co Author Listing * Class of Stable Feature Extractors for Time-Varying Imagery, A
* Determination of Displacement Vector Fields for General Camera Motions
* Experimental Investigation of Estimation Approaches for Optical Flow Fields, An
* Image Sequence Processing as an Aid for Three-Dimensional Display
* Motion Analysis in Natural Scenes Picked up by a Moving Optical Sensor
* Motion Detection in Image Sequences: An Evaluation of Feature Detectors
* On the Precision of a Feature Based Displacement Measurement
* Stereo Ranging with Verging Cameras
* Towards Autonomous Convoy Driving: Recognizing the Starting Vehicle in Front
* Versatile Method for the Estimation of Displacement Vector Fields from Image Sequences, A
10 for Kories, R.

Korimilli, K.[Kishore] Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation Based on Perceptual Organization of Spatio-temporal Volumes
* Perceptual Organization Based Computational Model for Robust Segmentation of Moving Objects

Korinenko, A.E.[Aleksandr E.] Co Author Listing * Field Observations of Breaking of Dominant Surface Waves
* Modulation of Wind-Wave Breaking by Long Surface Waves

Koring, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Three Ways to Improve Semantic Segmentation with Self-Supervised Depth Estimation
Includes: Koring, A.[Adrian] Köring, A.[Adrian] (Maybe also Koering, A.)

Koringa, P.A.[Purvi A.] Co Author Listing * Modified Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projection for Face Recognition
* ONPPn: Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projection with Normalization and its applications

Korinth, J. Co Author Listing * Scalable High-Performance Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Stereo Vision by Semi-Global Matching, A

Koriska, K. Co Author Listing * Jini service to reconstruct tomographic data, A

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